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Salt Water

Salt Water Systems are meant to provide less maintenance and softer water to a pool. Chlorine is still treating your pool. When salt is added (Sodium Chloride), a chlorine generator seperates the Chloride from the sodium and maintains a chlorine level in your pool. There are many misconceptions about the amount of maintenance and effectiveness in a pool.


Although the maintenance on your pool will be slightly less than normal chlorine systems, you will still have to spend time maintaining your pool. pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness must be balanced as usual. Preventative care against algae and cloud must still be done as well as cleaning, vacuuming, and brushing.

Above Ground Pools

Alden Pools & Play does not recommend salt water systems with above ground pools. Salt water and metal do not traditionally mix. In fact, the use of salt water voids many aboveground pool warranties!