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Swimming Pool Safety

Nothing Replaces Adult Supervision
Use Layers of Protection
Provide safety briefing for all guests
Never enter pool if solar blanket is not completely removed
Do not swim when using alchohol or drugs
Always provide adult supervision
Remove toys from pool after use!
Set a good example
Other sources of safety info: www.theapsp.org; www.cdc.gov ; www.safekids.org ; www.drowningpreventionalliance.com

Play Set Safety

Always Choose Chemical-Free material
Locate your Rainbow Playset on level ground
It is recommended to install your Rainbow on a resiliant surface
Allow a 6-foot play perimeter around the entire Rainbow Playset
Do not locate Rainbow near watar hazards, on concrete, asphalt or any other hard surfaces
Make sure all corners are rounded to a 1/2" radius to be "soft + safe" to the touch
Make sure slide is an actual "safety" slide to cradle your young children ( deep w/high sidewalls and safety rails )
Insist on 1/2" through-bolt hardware
For more detailed explanations see the "Rainbow Safety Features" page and visit www.nsc.org