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Rainbow Difference

25 Reasons Rainbow is the Very Best!

  1. Your Children Deserve the VERY BEST - Rainbow is the VERY BEST!
  2. You want your children safe in your backyard - Under your watchful eye.
  3. A one time investment that outlasts a week long family vacation for the same cost!
  4. Rainbow Play Systems promotes healthy, active play.
  5. Play year-round with your Rainbow!
  6. Have years of birthday parties on your Rainbow!
  7. Forest Green option blends naturally into your backyard
  8. Grow into your Rainbow - not out of!
  9. Customize your Rainbow with our Special Order Rainbows!
  10. Small yard solutions means we'll get a set in your yard.
  11. The mo.st unlevel yard solutions
  12. Many commercial grade components.
  13. Swing Beam features triple-bracket system with equilateral triangle design for strength
  14. Exclusive Super Safety Scoop Slide
  15. Massive big beam construction
  16. Exclusive 10-Step Waterseal Process
  17. Manufactured in the United States
  18. Original Rainbows use North American Timber ONLY!
  19. 100% Modular and expandable Designs
  20. Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
  21. Professional Installation
  22. Displays at multiple locations in New York and Northern Pennsylvania
  23. Largest Selection in America
  24. Finest Quality in America
  25. Rainbow has been building swing sets for 26 years!