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Chlorine has been a chemical of choice since the beginning. It is a strong chemical that maintains safe and bacteria free water as well as crystal clear water. Premium Bioguard Brand Chlorine provides gentler and "silky" water compared to generica brand. It has provided thousands of pool owners in Western New York with beautiful pools for many years. Pool Boss, a generic brand chlorine, is also available for those who like department store prices and a good chlorine!
Bioguard Chlorine

Bioguard Chlorine

Bioguard Silk Smart Sticks, Silk Tablets, and Super Soluble Ganular Chlorine products provide pool owners with soft water, UV protection, and the cleanest water possible.

Bioguard Smart Shock

Bioguard Shock

Bioguard Smart Shock's patented technology includes algae killing crystals and clarifiers. No predissolving is not required making it the easiest shock to use.

Bioguard Burn-Out Extreme is a super strong shock that is very effective in clarifying but requires predissolving in a vinyl lined pool.

Bioguard Back Up

Bioguard Algaecide

Multiple algaecides are available for chlorine systems. Some are better for preventing algae, some are non-foaming, and some a super powerful algae killers. Ask a Fun Expert® for more details!