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5 Keys to Pool Care


Safety First - Always Read Label Instructions


Water Balance



Maintaining your pool water in the proper balance pays big rewards. Water that has its key chemical factors in the appropriate balance range provides:
  • Very comfortable swimming
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Optimum chemical efficiency (saving you money )
  • Longer Equipment Life
Properly balanced swimming pool water meets the following criteria:
  • Metals: 0
  • Total Alkalinity: 80 - 150 ppm
  • Calcium Hardness:
  • Metals: 0
180 - 250 (vinyl pools)
  • PH: 7.4-7.6 For Chlorine pools
200 - 275 (plaster pools)
  • PH: 7.2-7.28 For Baquacil Pools
  • Total Dissolved Solids: <1500ppm
After a complete computer analysis, your Fun Expert® will tell you precisely what products are needed to put your swimming pool water into perfect balance.
As with all pool chemicals make sure to follow the instructions and precautions on the labels
It is important to have your water computer analyzed and balanced:
  • When you open your pool
  • If you have a problem
  • Before you winterize

At home you should test your water on a regular basis:

  • Baquacil pools: once a week

  • Chlorine pools: Either every day or twice a week (depending on what system you are using)